5 Day Tech Challenge

Create a simple digital marketing strategy in 5 days

Business is complicated enough. And when it comes to digital marketing we know simplicity is key. We’d love to teach you what works best and what you need to do. If you can access Facebook, why not tap into our 5-day training event that has been designed to equip and empower you – no matter how non-techie you might feel? With around 30 minutes a day, create, transform and build up a simple digital marketing strategy so you can prosper online.

My mission is to help remove any techie phobia.

Dear non-techie entrepreneur,

Technology can be overwhelming, but with the way the world has been going, everybody is needing to step online. If you are a thought leader, consultant, coach, speaker, or course creator, it can be so hard making the transition. But in a time when people need other people – your role has never been more important. Sadly, the bitter truth is that having an amazing service and the power to transform lives, is not enough to survive in business. Hard work will pay off – but the pay-off can be extremely slow. This is why marketing is crucial. It’s the ability to amplify your message and leverage your time, energy and investment – so you can make the impact at a level that you’ve always wanted to make. In today’s climate there has never been a more powerful way to market than to go online. But getting to grips with the technology can be confusing and overwhelming. There are so many tools and promoted tactics, it can be hard to see the wood from the trees!

This is why we have created a 5-day challenge to help non-techie entrepreneurs understand digital marketing so you can map out a simple strategy that win you clients and help you to prosper online. Come with me on a journey where we will:

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About mits. A technophobe at heart who became a Doctor of Electronic Engineering. I love entrepreneurship and developing a depth of understanding on how business works and what separates out the organisations that create the most impact from those that don’t. I love the use of innovation and technology and it’s ability to create and pioneer. With a DPhil in Electronic Engineering and two University awards in Scientific Research, together with my experience in governance, leadership and course-creation, I value strategy and the open sharing of knowledge. Which is why I’m delighted to run this challenge to equip you with what you need to prosper online. And if you don’t feel so great about tech. Don’t worry. I can get you through it.

Mits Griffin

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Mits has taken a complex world & broken down the elements into universally accessible parts. She provides the ingredients to create a wonderfully personal recipe for online success.
Mits takes out the overwhelm of the vast array of information that is screaming at you out there of what you need for your business to succeed and helps you see clearly.
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Kerstin Wandel
Course Creator
I needed someone who was trustworthy. You’ll not meet a more genuine and honest business woman. So helpful, knowledgeable and full of integrity!
Shaun Sutcliffe
Shaun Sutcliffe
Ultimate Fitness Coach

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