A 12-month Strategic Program

We’ve noticed that the organisations who have made the greatest difference in the world, follow specific guiding principles to increase their impact. They positioned themselves as Experts, reached out as Influencers, and built as Pioneers. They all utilised the power of technology to magnify and extend their reach. And we can show you how they did it. 

One Program 9 systems.

Step into our 12-month program – after all, the things that make the greatest difference, take strategy, time and investment to go from strength to strength. It’s one thing to be on a mission that will transform the world, and another to make it happen in all its fulness. This is why we offer more than a website – but a strategic investment that will automate, simplify and accelerate your mission building experience.


Position like an Expert

Three Positioning Systems In One

Credibility Builder
Authority Maximiser
Digital Launcher

Connect like an Influencer

Three Connecting Systems In One

Connection multiplier
Finance Generator
Expansion Integrator

Build like a Pioneer

Three Building Systems In One

Visibility Formula
Transformation Activator
Innovation Accelerator

Perfect for radical, pioneering organisations that aspire to be leaders in their field.

You were made to create impact. We were made to help you. Our end-to-end, step-by-step, solution has been developed to position you like an Expert, connect you like an Influencer, and help you build like a Pioneer.

Safeguard User Experience

Credibility Builder

Build trust, credibility and brand in a way that supercharges your influence.


Authority Maximiser

Publish articles, build authority and showcase your expertise.

Digital Launcher

Responsive design, smart data architecture and an enhanced UX.

Maximise Exposure

Connection Multiplier

Attract & capture a greater number of collaborators, supporters and clients.


Finance Generator

Take secure payments and/or donations on auto-pilot 24-7.

Connect Systems

Expansion Integrator

Step into advanced integrations and automations to win back time.


Visibility Formula

Cut through the noise and reach the people who need you most.


Transformation Activator

Harness the power of marketing funnels and lead others into action.

Innovation Logo

Innovation Accelerator

Step into Innovation and be the pioneer and leader that you are.

For Non-Profit Organisations

Position like an Expert.

Launch and position your organisation faithfully and powerfully. With clever data architecture, a modern and sophisticated design, or portfolio capabilities, that makes your site easy to navigate and use no matter how diverse your audience is or how vast the amount of content you have to share.

Rev. Andrew Gready

We asked Mits to redesign our Parish website. We found her to be excellent - she came with her own ideas (which we needed) but she was also interested in hearing ours. She kept us in touch throughout the process - we felt very included. She went above and beyond in terms of time and effort. Once we launched, she has remained in touch which has been great. We would recommend her highly - very professional, extremely competent and very sensitive to our needs.

Andrew Gready

Parish Vicar

Andy Goodwin

We asked Mits to upgrade our outdated Church website into a modern, appealing and easy to navigate website. We are absolutely delighted with the result. From start to finish Mits has provided a first class service. Listening carefully to the brief she has delivered everything we requested and added a flair and creativity we could not have envisaged. Thank you Mits for a great job.

Andy Goodwin

Church Warden

CONNECT like an Influencer.

Connect to others more powerfully showcasing live updates and events, an engaging range of content that is easy to find and explore, custom built forms allowing visitors to connect with regard to a wide range of areas and subjects, and build finances through secure online donations and giving.

BUILD like a Pioneer.

Stand out from the crowd with innovative website development and capabilities that can support affiliate marketing to build revenue, directory listings to raise funds and connect with local businesses, a uniquely designed web space for Youth, or forum capabilities to provide a safe space where the generations can interact.

For Pioneering Businesses

Robin Goldsbro

Mits has taken a complex world & broken down the elements into universally accessible parts. She provides the ingredients to create a wonderfully personal recipe for online success.

Robin Goldsbro

Business & Life Coach

POSITION like an Expert.

Launch and position your organisation as an authority that the world can’t ignore – and cut through the competition.

CONNECT like an Influencer.

Connect to others more powerfully with a web-strategy that will work behind the scenes 24-7.

BUILD like a Pioneer.

With innovative website development from personalised dynamic pop-ups to bespoke coded quiz lead magnets.

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