At mitsgriffin we specialise in helping creatives and non-techies and no question is too daft or silly to ask. There can be so many questions too – so we have crafted this FAQ page to help.

How much will it cost?

The truth is website costs can vary considerably. From £99 for a template website, to £500 for a basic information site, to £1000 for E-commerce, to literally hundreds of thousands for a complex bespoke site. At mitsgriffin we work on a value-based system. That means we’ll work together to assess the value of our work for you. We are passionate about not comprising on the quality or ethics of our work and all our websites are bespoke and tailored for your venture. And because we offer on-going support you won’t ever need to worry about hosting, domain name registration, maintaining or fixing, or even updating your website ever again. Get in touch for a quote and don’t worry if you are a start-up or non-profit, because we have a big heart to help you too!

What if I'm a technophobe?

That’s no problem at all! We know what it’s like to battle confusion and overwhelm which is why we love simplicity and clarity. And it won’t matter if you haven’t a clue about website design or technology, because we do! We offer all our clients a non-geeky strategic consultation so you can make informed decisions with understanding and confidence (no matter how techno-phobic you might feel!)

Will it take a long time?

The time it takes to create a website depends on the  complexity of your site and the quality and quantity of content that you have ready to go. If you have all your content pre-prepared and ready to hand over to us in the format we need, we can design and build a start-up website in a week. The remaining time will depend on you (wink).

Can you create content?

We absolutely can!! Depending on your requirements we can help create bespoke graphics, artwork and copy (text), and we can safely source stock images that are copy-right compliant. We collaborate with several professional copy-writers, photographers and graphic designers. And because our mission is to help your mission, we always carry out market research in your niche to ensure your website design and branding have a competitive edge! 

Can you design my logo?

Logo-design is an art and really does require expertise. We focus on what we’re good at – designing and building websites – but because we work closely with graphic designers who specialise in logos and branding we can organise the creation of your logo without any hassle. Your logo design will heavily influence the design and branding of your website, so if it’s a job you need to get done we can certainly help you make it happen.

What about support?

With our on-going support we will keep your hosting and domain name in check and updated, and we will maintain and fix your website as required. And because things change, you will have access to 5 edits/updates every month so your website can stay relevant and fresh. Say goodbye to expensive updates or slowly watching your website degrade, and say goodbye to the risk of hackers and changes in website technology that can leave your site broken and vulnerable. 

What about website development?

Sometimes businesses and ventures develop rapidly and it’s not unusual to need website development. Website development goes beyond typing edits and minor tweaks, and might include (but is not be limited to) website re-structuring, the addition of multiple pages or functionality, or venture re-branding. Maybe your first site was a blog and you are thinking of expanding it into a high-tech information website, or perhaps you have an information site but want to venture into E-Commerce, or maybe you have an E-commerce site but are thinking of stepping into the realm of Knowledge-commerce or Memberships. It won’t be hard or complication for us to expand your website because we’ll already be up to speed on its inner workings – and we can cost our latest project work for you together. Ad hoc and PAYG – there really won’t be any limits to how far you could go.

What about my domain & hosting?

All our packages have been developed to make the process as hassle free for you as possible. Although we are not a hosting company, we will organise your domain name (or domain name transfer) and hosting so you won’t need to worry. All the hosting we organise is WordPress managed (which mean specially developed for WordPress websites) and optimised so your website remains fast, secure (SSL encrypted) and PCI compliant when needed (which by the way, is a legal requirement for E-commerce if you don’t want to end up in prison). We can even set up your business email address so you can be uber-professional right from the word go. And since the most basic hosting plans from the best hosting companies in the industry (the ones we work with) can cost £10/month once you include VAT and once any introductory offer has expired (or £30/month for PCI compliance), you will find our rates give you peace of mind in more ways than one!

Can you make my site legal?

Absolutely! And you’d be shocked at how many aren’t! We check and even template your legal documents because all UK websites must be compliant with UK and EU law. Failure to comply can result in both civil and criminal liability and the penalties are not only detrimental and embarrassing to your branding but they can be financially costly too. Liability can include injunctions, fines, a criminal record and even imprisonment! For more information on what your website needs to be legal check out our blog Is your Website Legal?

Can you create E-commerce?

Yep we can! And not just E-commerce. We can also create information sites, blogging websites, E-commerce, Knowledge-commerce and Membership websites too. 

Will my site work on mobiles?

Seriously every website should. All our websites are responsive in design and optimised so they will work on any device.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and  is all about getting your website seen. When people search for information using search engines like Google, the search engines will look for sites that are the most relevant.  There are many aspects that go into making your website relevant (from on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO), but one of the most important is the copy (aka words) on your website. Here, content is the key. For more information on SEO check out our blog The Secret Behind SEO. But do not fear, we check your on-page SEO on an on-going basis and with our packages are able to modify and tweak your SEO as needed.

What is website hosting?

Just as our physical land is often divided up and stewarded by land-owners; in the digital realm, digital land and space is divided up and stewarded by its digital landlords: the hosting companies. If you’d like to learn more about hosting check out our blog post The Digital World is a bit like the Real World. And if you’d like to find out more about a hosting company which has consistently been rated as one of THE BEST in the industry year-in, year-out, check out Site Ground.

What are domain names?

Just as we find and locate one another through postal addresses in the real world, in the digital world, our digital addresses are called URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). They often look a bit like this and they actually work more like PO BOX addresses (addresses that are associated with you but can be physically located anywhere). Awesomely in the digital world you can change your digital landlord (hosting) without changing your address. Your domain name is the unique part of your digital address. If you’d like to learn more check out our blog post The Digital World is a bit like the Real World.

What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System is a tool that allows people to look after (and create) websites without the need to technically code it. Although websites are still created with HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. and harness several technologies that are constantly evolving, a CMS makes an intermediary layer in-between the user and code, so it’s possible to create a site without coding skills. There are many CMS platforms out there but the most prevalent is WORDPRESS and because its open-source (which means anybody can go into its code and tweak it) it is powerful and extremely flexible. That’s why we specialise in WORDPRESS because we really like it.

What's the process?

Once we’ve connected, there are just 5 steps to take until all your website worries are gone.

Speech Bubble


Once we've connected we'll organise a strategic consultation over coffee where we will uncover your brief and where you can get all your questions and concerns answered.


Next we'll generate a prototype design for you. We'll map out your site structure and the main elements within. We can then move forward or you can take away these designs to use elsewhere.

Website design


Next we'll action your website build. We'll do market research to insure your branding has a competitive edge and you can be as hands on (or hands off) as you like .

Paper with checklist


Once your site is built we will check that everything is in order and tested. And once you issue the command we will hit the go button and your shiny new website will be live!

Hand holding a heart


And because technology evolves and businesses grow, we'll be there to fix any breaks and edit any changes. Smile and take a deep breath - everything has been taken care of.

It's action time.