Some things seem like nothing

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By Mits Griffin.

About Mits. I am a digital marketer and platform creator who loves to help personal development coaches, trainers, course creators, speakers, and consultants, build a stage where they can be extraordinary. The sad truth is that when wrapped in the ordinary, the extraordinary doesn’t always shine… This is where I can help. Whether it’s a virtual event or your web presence online, there are ways of using technology and executing strategy, to create a perfect platform where you can stand out from the crowd.

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Some things seem like nothing

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    It’s funny how things begin. Some things can seem almost like nothing – until you discover they aren’t. They can become the doorway into something unexpected and much bigger. I do like the quote by Pablo Picasso when he admitted “I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else”. In my case, I began with a prayer.

    For those of you who might not have met me before – I really like looking ahead. I like dreaming about things yet to be and imagining possibilities. And I really like talking with God. I believe that there is always a hope for the future, that some things are real but unseen, and that whatever happens in life love never fails. And I do believe with a passion that we were all made to change and impact the world. So sometimes I think big thoughts, which is ironic because in person I’m actually very little.

    Questioning God

    Always intrigued that God’s ways are mysterious – and yet paradoxically tangible when we need to know – I questioned Him: What would the world actually look like if Goodness reigned? What would church look like, what would our education system be like… what would business look like?

    Funny that the business word popped into my mind. I had just handed over my first business to another, and even though it had been part of my life for 12 years the truth was I had only tiptoed around the business world with it. When our three kids entered my life, I stepped away from what would have been a typical, if delayed, career progression in research and engineering. And in a series of fortunate events, I joined a franchise. Even though it was a steadfast and safe introduction into another world, I ran it more as a ministry than a business. If I’m honest most of the time it ran itself… silently in the background of my life.

    And yet – I was still intrigued about business. What would happen if we all reached that place of knowing so deeply that we were passionately and actively loved in unstoppable ways? If we knew we could lack nothing, but still traded and served and resourced one another? What would life look like if everybody stewarded money without any desperation or anxiety? Would business still exist?

    A stirring deep within

    It’s funny how questions like that can seem so big that they can actually seem like nothing – like a wisp of a thought that would never materialize in the here and now. Until you discover they aren’t.

    Unexpectedly and rather suddenly, a deep passion was released within me. Thoughts of being equipped, resourced and to be a storehouse of strength to others, stalked me. And funnily the opportunity came for me to enroll onto a ministry course that explored these issues more – so I did. My time had changed – I had spent so long sowing and planting – but the time to build had come.

    There’s a great bit from the bible that says, “Do not despise small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin” (Zechariah 4:10). I adore these words. I like little things and I like the thought of beginnings in the plural. And although I did not know what, or how; an urgency to place brick upon brick seemed to get established in me. I felt like somebody standing on the edge – surveying a new land they had never dared to step into before. I knew that if I went forward, it would mean exploring the unknown and going deeper than ever before. And after a moment of hesitation, I took a deep breath and in my heart, stepped back into the business world.

    The answer

    Those words I queried God with, got answered in a weird unanswered sort of way. But not with instructions or visions or any grand revelation involving all mankind. I didn’t get sucked into an out-of-this-time experience which I thought would be most fun and extremely apt at the time. But instead, without even hearing a voice, I sensed a strikingly clear and deeply heartfelt “Take my hand… and I’ll show you”.

    I know this journey will be so much more than about me. After all, there is always an us in everything God calls us to do. And so I wonder about you. Yep – you. What are you daring to step into? And even though we might be walking different paths with a different mission in our heart, I don’t want to do anything alone. So… just a thought: Wanna do this together?