A web-strategy blueprint

By mitsgriffin.

About Mits. I love learning. When I’m learning I feel inspired and excited and I find that so much fun. And I love technology, because it’s a wonderful tool, which enables more possibilities and ideas to come to life.

I work with mission driven organisations, like churches, coaches, and not for profits to help them create a space where they can share what they know. When they teach, they open up a space for important discussions that can take us on a journey where we can explore the deep challenges of life that need addressing to make the world a better place. They are the pioneers that are encouraging us to do and be different.

What I do, is to go on a journey with them. I help them to create connection. I show them how to translate what they know from the real-world, into the digital-world, and I show them how to create and engage a captive audience, and how to inspire them. I just happen to use digital marketing and Facebook a lot and have an expertise in creating websites and funnels! I also run my own Hub and Challenges. And for those who are ready to take things to the next stage, I can help them to make happen by walking them through the process. I believe in my clients – selfless, mission-driven organisations – who humbly transform the world one life at a time. They were made to make a difference by raising others up and simply put, I was made to help them.

A web-strategy blueprint

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Expert-Influencer-Pioneer. It’s an outcome that so many entrepreneurial coaches, experts and consultants aspire to. And although most begin their journey with high hopes, it can soon feel like an endless battle when you are in the thick of things. It’s not just a case of implementing strategies that work (despite there being many) or of implementing ethical strategies (though fewer in number) but of uncovering Kingdom marketing strategies (the absolute rarest of our day). Kingdom strategies are those which are often hidden. But in them is the ability to not only to create an ethical and powerful win-win for EVERYBODY, but the ability to even refashion systems and restore an industry.

Everybody needs a business building roadmap

Business-building is complex, intricate, and nuanced. It’s one thing to be an expert in your field of study, and a totally different thing to be an expert in business and marketing. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the myriad of tactics out there. Frustration, confusion, procrastination and doubt often abound. And even more so when you have to perpetually juggle commitments as a trail-blazing solo-entrepreneur. Throw in the tech and many coaches, consultants, experts and course-creators feel ready to collapse! When anybody and everybody can set themselves up as a coach or expert – it’s the ones who can promote their story in a way that is relevant, powerful, and scalable – that will win the prize.

Waiting to be found and discovered is not a winning business strategy. We're in the business of changing lives. You do it through expert guidance, leading and teaching. We do it through technology & understanding the "business of coaching"

The top 3 business killers

The sad truth is that every business must safely navigate three main business killers. And it really is a battle to the death. If you don’t conquer them first they will persist unrelentingly until they have conquered you. So, what are the three things that will kill a business? 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2020, 20% of new businesses will fail during their first two years of business, 45% will fail during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years. This means that only 25% of businesses will make it to 15 years or more. Even more alarming is a statistic that comes from The International Coaching Federation, where has been was reported that a staggering 82% of coaching businesses will fail within their first two years.

82% of coaching businesses will fail within their first two years.

The International Coaching Federation Tweet

Early warning signs include an erratic and unpredictable stream of clients, a stream of poor-quality clients, the sense that you are forever treading water. The problem is that having a handful of tactics and working harder won’t solve this. 

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat

Sun Tzu said in the Art of war “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sadly, in a world full of information and data, we can still struggle and wisdom can remain allusive. There are so many thoughts and tactics out there that the problem isn’t finding a solution – but in finding the right one. 

Coaching business myths

In the coaching world, there are 3 main coaching business myths that many experts unwittingly succumb to. Worse than no advice, is bad advice. Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. Posting a plethora of free content will bring in more leads. The truth is that people who consume huge amounts of free content without any willingness to invest, will not be great clients. You need to be strategic and ethical in your content creation and pricing, because your time and energy matter and a business cannot survive without finance. The above strategy fuels all three businesses killers at once. Not recommended. And not a Kingdom Strategy.
  2. Most clients will reject going digital or virtual. Another myth is that virtual connections aren’t real. But as long as our connections are authentic – community and team can thrive. After all our most valuable interactions cannot be measured in a tangible way anyway. And stepping into the digital world comes with a host of advantages: Costs can be hugely reduced and all sorts of connections are made possible – from one-to-one consultants, group sessions, to conferences, to more intimate break-out rooms – no matter where you are in the world. You can go from being in a crowd of thousands, to a room of two, literally at a click of a button. With the onslaught of COVID-19 the world has changed forever. The safest way to go, is forward. Like money, technology is a tool. Fear or avoidance, is not a Kingdom Strategy.
  3. When finance is tight, it’s not wise to invest in developing your business. The truth is, it’s not wise not to. The beauty about marketing (when done right) is that it amplifies your results. Instead of putting one unit of your time and energy in and gaining one unit of impact back, you can invest one unit and gain a multiplication. Run it well and you can even get to a place where it pays for itself and self-liquidates. This is stewardship – with the themes of investment, multiplication and provision for all.

The simplicity of business

The fundamentals of business are simple and it can be helpful to remember that business is merely the trade of resources. It’s heart mission is that everybody can have the resources they need, when they need them, without lack. This means you only need 3 ingredients to launch a business: 1. A person in need, 2. A person with a solution, and 3. A message that builds the connection.

Despite all the information out there, it can still be hard to see how all the pieces fit together. It’s one thing to have the ingredients, and another to have the right ones. And when you do have the right ingredients, it’s another to sequence them in a way that produces results. The difficulty can lie in the fact that the order in which you do things, will depend on the type of business you are building. Building an agency is different from building a solopreneur business.

From our observation, we have seen that when you are building a coaching or consultancy business, the best approach is to following a very particular sequence of steps while holding fast to the fundamentals of reaching out (often called ‘lead generation’), presenting your offer of help (typically referred to in marketing as making the sale or ‘converting’) and then fulfilling on your promise – your service made real. But because a core concept in stewardship is expansion, it can be helpful to see the steps mapped out for business growth.

Business building steps for coaches, consultants and experts

Step 1

Define your niche & create your core offer where you just need to sell to a few to make your business viable (validation)

Step 2

Build out your onboarding process – how people hear about you, how you close the sale, and how you will build up your email list (Marketing & Sales)

Step 3

Create a low-offer (e.g. paid diagnostic) that converts traffic into a customer and high-ticket prospect (Product Suite + Marketing & Sales)

Step 4

Begin to build your support network/team so you can release some of the work-load (Team & Culture)

Step 5

Build out automations so you can streamline your operations and win back more time (Operations & Tech)

Step 6

If you want to grow into a company, begin to scale by building out your team and your SOP’s (Team & Culture + Operations & Tech)

Step 7

Create & market your high-ticket signature program (Product Suite + Marketing & Sales)

Step 8

Go all-in in expanding your reach & building your influence with collaborations and greater industry-related contributions (Marketing & Sales)

As you can see, Marketing forms the backbone for business growth because it works as an accelerator and amplifier. And the power of Digital Marketing is that it can set this acceleration and amplification on auto-pilot. But it doesn’t work alone. The beauty of the right digital marketing approach is that it will all work in synergy. When you understand what to do and when – you can avoid making costly mistakes and accelerate – and what would otherwise take decades can now take months.

Strategy + Technology = Impact that multiplies

Technology can be THE business game-changer of all time. Most coaching and consulting businesses do use tech and near enough everybody engages with digital marketing to some degree. Email, Social Media, Web-tech and the Internet… digital tools for a digital age. However, the big problem is that the majority aren’t leveraging the tech in a way that really creates impact. Many entrepreneurs don’t know how to automate their marketing and the few that do, often struggle with juggling clients and the plethora of tech options, that they typically don’t. And this is why we have developed our EIP (Expert – Influencer – Pioneer) program.

What if you could have ONE tool to do most the heavy lifting?

With one solid and powerful platform in place, you can have traction and build momentum fast. In the digital world, it is your website that forms the greatest gateway into your business. Your website connects others with your story, tells them what you do, and builds trust and credibility – the bedrock to every business. And it does this faithfully, 24-7 every day of the year. It can boost the number of leads you get and help you create momentum. It can ignite the excitement and restore freedom so you can focus on what you love most without pressure or sleepless nights.

Focusing on your web-strategy can yield significant returns – and this is why many organisations will invest £10K, £20K, £50K and even £100K+ in their web-marketing. We have a client who made a £20K+ in a single day through the power of a web and digital marketing. As well the financial reward of a x6 ROI - imagine the number of lives impacted and helped - and how they have the resources to help even more people.

A brand new approach: Our EIP program

We’ve noticed that the entrepreneurs who have built successful coaching and consulting businesses, not only invested in their skillset and their business, but also followed the specific guiding principles… They positioned themselves in the marketplace as Experts, reached out as Influencers, and built as Pioneers. And they all utilised the power of technology to magnify and extend their impact. We can show you how they did it.

Whether you are building from scratch or wanting to elevate fast, we’ve separated our signature web-strategy into 9 steps that map the business growth trajectory to enable you to:

  • Position Like an Expert
  • Connect Like an Influencer
  • Build Like a Pioneer

Our signature program EIP reimagined as a DIY course

Our course has been specifically designed for non-techie coaches, consultants, experts and trainers who are in the emerging stages of presenting their business online. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs who have never formally studied marketing or who find digital marketing and technology, confusing, complex or overwhelming.

Filled with activations and activities because that’s where the magic happens, every session has a set of simple, strategically sequenced, do-able tasks. After all, this is how you scale a mountain – one step at a time. Instead of feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, anxious or guilty, it’s time to take a moment and develop your business in a way that is systematic, comprehensive and effective. 

This course has been specifically designed for non-techie entrepreneurs who are feeling overwhelmed and confused by all the different marketing tactics out there, and who would like a simple, systematic approach they can work through step by step.

This course is separated into three core modules: Position like an Expert, Connect like an Influencer, and Build like a Pioneer. Within each module there are 9 lessons, so you can make progress without needing to dedicate huge amounts of time listening, but more time on effective implementation.

We know that we all learn in different ways. Our core course components are in video format, but for those who like to write out ideas or follow along with a workbook, we’ve included a digital and printable version of our course content in PDF format for FREE (RRP £17.99). 

Your investment is protected forever and it includes updates and added resources, and any future developments or versions.

Absolutely! If you feel this course hasn’t served you well or provided you with the content you had hoped for, we offer a FULL REFUND with no questions asked.

Yep – Because learning together is always more fun and everybody needs accountability! When you invest in this course you will also be able to access our PRIVATE Facebook Group & community. Share ideas, meet new friends and collaborators, and find an accountability buddy, or just join in our course walk-throughs where I’ll jump in for Q&A’s and surprise guest interviews.

This course will retail for £497.  Sign up for our introductory offer invitation before 31/12/2020 and you’ll qualify for our special introductory offer of £297!

Ready for a change? Sign up for our EIP Course below and we’ll be in touch with an exclusive introductory invitation. Course release date January 2021 – it’s time to find a better way.

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