& tech expertise

With a flair to Navigate Risk through Innovation
With a preference to Structure & Systematize
With the ability to Transition between Complex & Simple
With a bent on Imagining, Conceptualising & Creating Digitally

I love future-oriented, high-potential projects where I can drive things forward and leapfrog between strategy and implementation to create tangible results. My happy place is when I can co-mission with ambitious business leaders who want to transform and disrupt their industry for the better. Highly focused, deadline-driven work is where I play best, and I flourish in casual, but purposeful, settings where I can deep dive and get immersed within another business as if it were my own.

Although we are having fun, we are not playing around

What sets me apart


I’m built differently. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, but with a flair to build, integrate, lead, collaborate and create. As your right hand, I can take on the “cognitive load” of directing team and overseeing implementation of the vision. More than a project manager, OBM, VA, SBM, or marketing manager, I love to give CEOs and Visionaries the ability to momentarily step away from the business and/or focus their energy on the most important initiatives, while knowing that the business will run safely without them.

From strategy to implementation fast

I love to build from scratch and to re-create, re-design, re-build, re-new. With a creative, multi-levelled & adaptable skillset, my superpower is to go from strategy to implementation fast. I can fill gaps and cross functional-boundaries – from C-Suite to Marketing to Operations, turning ideas into assets as I go. With the ability to kick-start processes, design systems and handle tech automations, I have a degree of breadth and depth that can expediate growth and accelerate results.

Launch & Virtual Events Expert

As a Live Launch & Virtual Events Expert, I understand the nuances of modern-day digital marketing its implementation, which allows me to offer services that directly impact a company’s ROI. I love to turn launch ideas into successfully implemented live launch events, where my clients can focus on teaching and the creation of their very own platform and audience.

Team Leader & Tech Trainer

I am passionate about team and collaborating, and I love to direct and provide advisory support or tech training. I am highly skilled at translating your vision, directions, and intentions into guidance that your team can understand and action.

Client Experience Advocate

As a client experience advocate, I look at your business through the eyes of how we can we serve clients in an exceptional way AND build business at the same time. I believe in orchestrating excellent experiences, and in taking leads and prospects on a journey where they can become clients, referrers and brand advocates.

Over £50K+ in Training
Kingdom Seekers
The Plan
Protect Your Idea
Intrapreneur Academy
Commit Action
Intrapreneur Apprenticeship

My values

Freedom, Fun & Excellence


Mind-type: The Innovator - To improve, increase, advance and progress


DiSC Analysis: Di - Results-oriented, enthusiastic and people focused

Kolbe A 4-5-9-2

MO: Innovating, process enhancing, training others and envisioning

My experience of working with Mits has been outstanding on every level. Professionally, Mits’ expertise and experience in her field is excellent. I felt rather inexperienced from the outset, but Mits is sensitive towards this and always keeps you updated and feeling ‘in the loop’ throughout the whole process. Her communication skills are excellent. I did not know Mits before… but her attention to detail regarding my vision, passion and heart for my small business had an enormous impact on me. Through clever but sensitive questioning, she helps you to explore and see new and exciting possibilities, carefully and expertly drawing out new ideas and possible routes to developing your work. I would say without hesitation that not only is Mits’ service outstanding on a professional level, it is also outstanding on a personal level. Her work and your custom needs are not ‘just a job’ to Mits. She has a heart and an interest for the bigger picture, and she cares and invests in YOU and your work in the present and beyond. Her energy is contagious and it serves to encourage, revitalise, support and build up your business and you as the individual driving your business forward.

Nicola Betts

Nicola Betts Community Musician

My Core Tech Stack
Convert Box
High Level
YouTube Studio
Read AI
Presto Player

My Biography

A peek behind the scenes

My Younger Years

I’ve always been interested creativity and in a multidisciplinary approach to life. As a youngster music captivated my heart and with the opportunity to perform in choirs and orchestras in famed London venues, my love of performance and showmanship was ignited! As a youth, I found myself working in diverse teams – whether in a glue factory, as a medical centre receptionist, or in a BBC film production as a sound trainee.

University provided the perfect setup for me to explore the cross over between subjects even more. I initially studied Music Tech, straddling both the music and engineering departments. I ended up awarded with a DPhil in Electronic Engineering and the Kathleen Mary Stott prize for Excellency in Scientific Research, and later even tiptoed as a researcher in the field of Computational Neuroscience. Not long after, I found myself as a much beloved wife and stay at home Mum, looking after and supporting three treasured, autistically-wired, children.

A year after I stepped into motherhood, I rather unexpectedly fell into business as baby sign language coach and business owner, though with juggling family and work, I eventually trained up a team of teachers around me, and stepped into a managerial role instead.

With a love for diversity, I’ve had the privilege and honour to serve as a school governor, working as part of the school’s strategic leadership team and connecting with governmental organisations. I also found myself launching various ventures within church, and later delved deeper into the Bethel SOZO prophetic and inner healing and deliverance ministry.

Eventually I sold my first business, to create my own brand and I began a rather shaky rollercoaster journey as an entrepreneur who knew very little idea about business. Initially I worked as a web-designer, then became an expert in live-launches and challenge event marketing, later repositioning my company as an independent digital marketing agency with a small team of associates.

I now find my greatest impact is in accelerating emerging businesses that are around 2-3 years old, and working as part of a small leadership team, where I can help expediate processes so that work that would have taken years, now only takes months. 

You’re a prophetic inventor and the Lord is causing you to think outside the box. He’s giving you heavenly solutions to impossible problems that will activate and release others into their destiny and breakthrough. I see a merging between your career and your ministry, and you will see signs and wonders and miracles through your ministry and your career.

There is an entrepreneurial spirit upon you that is truly apostolic and you will give birth to multiple, multiple, spirit-filled ventures that are going to go all over the world.

You will help people cut through the thick growth that’s choking them – to create freedom and space for the new to rise up in. You will bring people together and everything in your life is going to reflect unity and covenant – a beautiful, beautiful picture of the marriage between Jesus and His bride.