Intuitive Digital Design

Digital marketing for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs & Course Creators.

Intuitive Digital Design

Digital marketing for Mission-Driven
Entrepreneurs & Course Creators.

It's always been a good idea to have a website.
But now it's essential.

Are you a  thought leader, consultant, life coach, speaker, author or course creator? Do you need to step into the digital realm to get your message and knowledge out there without stress, hassle or overwhelm? We would love to help you implement ethical marketing strategies that are fused with business tactics and expertise, in a way that is simple and effective.

We believe Marketing is an accelerator.

If you need to elevate your digital presence we are here to help you. We are living in unprecedented times where businesses without a strong online presence are in danger. It won’t matter how non-techie you feel or whether you are overwhelmed by the technology or how to transition into the digital realm – we will take your hand and lead you step by step. It’s time to say goodbye to analysis paralysis, confusion and brain pain, and make the impact you know you were created to make.

Start-Up WordPress Websites

Starting up? Have a sophisticated scrolling page website with the potential to grow as you do. Build trust in your expertise, capture emails for your list or enable payments online. With portfolios, marketing funnels and E-commerce, your first website might be compact but there’s reason why it can’t be powerful.

Build-Up WordPress Websites

In the build-up, scale-up or leader-up stages of your business? Step into the Hi-TECH world of bespoke websites and E-commerce and Learning Management Systems (LMS). Go digital with your workshops, courses and memberships and transition into virtual events with a cutting edge website specifically for educators and course creators.


Create a simple digital marketing strategy in 5 days

  • For non-techie entrepreneurs
  • For novices in digital marketing
  • For businesses transitioning online
  • For creative businesses

Business is complicated enough. And when it comes to digital marketing we know simplicity is key. We’d love to teach you what works best and what you need to do. If you can access Facebook, why not tap into our 5-day training event that has been designed to equip and empower you – no matter how non-techie you might feel? With less than 60 minutes a day, create, transform and build up a simple digital marketing strategy so you can prosper online.

Preventing the tech from getting in the way.

It’s posts that we’ve seen on forums like the ones below, that have touched our hearts. If you have ever felt this – you are not alone. We are here to help.

I am finding things quite hard to set up - I am really not very techie. I don't know what's possible and I don't understand what can be done. I can’t decide whether to go ahead or not.

Hi guys I'm feeling a little overwhelmed as I am a tech-phobe. I am looking to launch courses. From my initial research, I have found so many options. What do I really need? Can somebody help me?

I'm on technology overload. What do I really need? What options are best? I've been researching but it just confuses me more and I want to stop spinning my wheels and TAKE ACTION!

HELP: WEBSITE DESIGN: MY BRAIN HURTS... I have so many questions. I have been searching online but I don't know what I need, would be truly helpful, and what really matters right now.

  • WordPress
  • Premium Cloud hosting
  • Mobile-friendly responsiveness
  • On-page Search Engine Optimisation
  • Legal & GDPR compliance
  • Site maintenance
  • Website protection & security


Marketing demystified + Tech demystified + How to Build a WordPress Website

  • Written for non-techies and start-up businesses
  • Understand marketing in 6 simple steps
  • Navigate technology and find out what will suit you best
  • Understand website strategy with pro-insights and tips
  • Save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes
  • Know what you need & build your own WordPress website

Why mitsgriffin?

Mits Griffin Photo

About Mits. I love entrepreneurship and developing a depth of understanding on how business works and what separates out the organisations that create the most impact from those that don’t. I love the use of innovation and technology and it’s ability to create and pioneer. With a DPhil in Electronic Engineering and two University awards in Scientific Research, together with my experience in governance, leadership and course creation, I value strategy and the open sharing of knowledge. My happy-place is partnering with other leaders as we work together to make what was once considered impossible, possible and real.

About us. Based in York UK, we specialise in bespoke Word Press websites and serve a national and international clientele. With qualifications and expertise in Digital Promotion; Business Innovation, Sustainability and Growth; Content Strategy; Quiz & High Ticket Funnels; Kingdom Entrepreneurship; Marketing through Digital Challenges and Facebook Ads; we also belong to numerous networking groups with other experts within our field. We were nationally selected to be one of only 50 digital creatives invited to take part in the Church of England Digital Live Labs and were nominated as a finalist in the WMB Business Service Provider Award 2019.

  • Are serious about what they do
  • Are ready to invest in their digital presence
  • Are in it for the long haul
  • Have expertise and a message
  • Believe in creating impact not just finance
  • Value Design & UX not just site mechanics
  • Prefer partnership to a one-off transaction

We love inspired creativity + technological expertise