Intuitive Digital Design

Web-marketing & Consultancy for Mission-driven Organisations.

Intuitive Digital Design

Web-marketing & Consultancy for Mission-driven Organisations.


In these unprecedented times, it’s imperative that you go digital. No matter how non-techie you feel, your website forms the biggest digital gateway in to your organisation. It connects others with your story and tells them what you do in a powerful way that establishes trust and credibility – the very things that are needed to build a bridge and transform the world. Say goodbye web-embarrassment and shyness, and hello to a digital presence that the world cannot ignore. No techie talk, no confusion, no over analysis. Just stunningly crafted websites that help you create the impact you’ve dreamt of making. Where would you like to start?

Pro Websites

Perfect for emerging ventures that want to generate interest in their mission and launch like a pro without the techie stress, hassle or worry.

Advanced Websites

 Perfect for authority-building organisations that want to step into digital marketing and create greater impact, boost income and transform more lives.

Elite EIP Websites

Our complete end-to-end, web strategy program, perfect for organisations that want to position like an expert, connect like an influencer and build like a pioneer.

With a significant proportional of the world online at the moment, don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity to reach out and make the impact you have always dreamt of making. It’s time to elevate your web-presence. 

We're in the business of changing lives. You do it through teaching, leading and action. We do it through leveraging technology and digital marketing strategies.

Mits Griffin

About Mits. I love learning. When I’m learning I feel inspired and excited and I find that so much fun. And I love technology, because it’s a wonderful tool which enables more possibilities and ideas to come to life. I believe ignorance is dangerous. But when we get rid of ignorance, it brings about hope, showcases a better way forward, and brings about the opportunity for us to make more powerful and confident decisions.

Why do I work with mission driven organisations, like churches, coaches, and not for profits? I work with them to help them create a space where they can share what they know. When they teach, they open up a space for important discussions where we can explore the deep challenges of life that need addressing to make the world a better place. They are the pioneers that are encouraging us to do and be different.

What I do, is to go on a journey with them. I help them to create connection. I show them how to translate what they know from the real-world, into the digital-world, and I show them how to create and engage a captive audience, and how to inspire them. And when it’s needed – I remind them, how it feels to be a learner the first time around, so they can stay deeply connected with every member. I just happen to use digital marketing and Facebook a lot and have an expertise in creating websites and funnels! I also run my own Hub and Challenge experiences. And for those who are ready to take things to the next stage, I can help them make it happen by walking with them through the process. I believe in my clients – selfless, mission-driven organisations – who humbly transform the world one life at a time. They were made to make a difference by raising others up and simply put, I was made to help them.

About our team. We are a team whose mission is to help rebuild systems for the better. We believe in Kingdom marketing strategies – strategies that have the ability to create a powerful win-win for everybody – and have the potential to not only refashion systems but to restore industries. Based in York UK, we serve a national and international clientele. We have qualifications in Electronic Engineering (DPhil), Computer Science (BSc) and over 30 years combined experience in programming and 15 years business. We have been nationally selected to be one of only 50 digital creatives invited to take part in the Church of England Digital Live Labs and were recognised within our region as finalists for the WMB Business Service Provider Awards 2019.

Our Digital Marketing Hub is a Facebook group that helps businesses and organisations to grow and thrive. If you want to be a successful and collaborate with a team of like-minded individuals, then this is the group for you. We believe in being part of something that is bigger than ourselves, where every success, is seen as a shared success. This is a place where we can brainstorm, serve, collaborate, and work together in a way so that everyone wins. Creating a sustainable business can be difficult. But together we can have every part covered.

Live Training on Digital Marketing - Resources - Mastermind Experience

Our mission is to help mission-driven, faith-filled & heart-centred organisations create a greater impact.

Imagine the impact of having your digital marketing set on autopilot so that you’re free to put your time and energy into the things that only you can do. What impact could that have? If you want to find out – let’s talk.

Ed Hambleton

We redesigned our charity website with Mits and we are absolutely thrilled with the end result! Mits was professional and approachable throughout and guided us through the whole process really well. We'd have no hesitation in recommending her.

Ed Hambleton

Restore York

Kerstin Antoncich

I can't even put into words how amazing Mits is. I just knew she would "get it" - she somehow intuitively gets what I'm trying to say and creates a vision that stands out. She is a creative genius and an all-round lovely person and she is absolutely on your team.

Kerstin Antoncich


Murton Park

Working with Mits has been nothing short of amazing. From the get go she really understood our brief and brought our vision to life. She created a beautiful website and integrated a ticketing system for our Christmas event. The whole process was made so simple for us. 

Lou Bowling

Murton Park

Kirsten2 white

I am absolutely blown away. I have gone from despairing and feeling overwhelmed to a, "WOOHOO, it's really gonna happen!!" Mits takes out the overwhelm and she explains matters in a way I can understand and creates a pathway for me to work along. 

Kerstin Wandel

Language Specialist


Mits you are amazing at understanding what we wanted without us being able to describe it. It has generated numerous enquiries which has in turn increase our occupancy! We are more than happy!

Amanda Stevenson

Marygate Preschool

Robin Goldsbro

Mits has taken a complex world & broken down the elements into universally accessible parts. She provides the ingredients to create a wonderfully personal recipe for online success.

Robin Goldsbro

Business & Life Coach

Frances Simon Nurture Talent profile photo
Mits Griffin provided a hands on personal service that was exactly what I needed. She was incredible and gave me really practical advice. She certainly has a talent for this which is fabulous.

Frances Simon

Youth Drama Agency

Shaun Sutcliffe

I needed someone who was trustworthy. You’ll not meet a more genuine and honest business woman. So helpful, knowledgeable and full of integrity!

Shaun Sutcliffe

Pain Relief Expert

Don't let the tech be your biggest hurdle.

Often under-utilised and neglected, don’t make the mistake most mission-driven organisations make. Don’t let the tech be your biggest hurdle. Invest in your domain name and email provider and sign up to a FREE Google Analytics and we can sort out the rest. 

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