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When your mission is to transform lives, we are here to help you create an even greater impact.

The world needs you more than ever before.

In these unprecedented times, it’s imperative that you go digital. No matter how non-techie you feel, your online presence and website form the biggest digital gateway into mission and cause. It connects others with your story and tells them what you do in a powerful way that establishes trust and credibility – the very things that are needed to build a bridge and transform lives. Say goodbye web-embarrassment and say hello to a digital presence that helps you stand out from the crowd. No techie talk, no confusion, no over analysis. Just strategically inspired and stunningly crafted, websites and challenge events that can help you create the impact you’ve dreamt of making. Where would you like to start?

Cutting Edge Websites

A solid foundation. Build your credibility, portfolio your authority and inspire a greater vision.

Landing Pages & Funnels

Got a singular call to action? Equip your visitors with everything they need to know to take action on their next steps.

Challenges & Digital Events

Ready to go interactive? There is no other modern-day framework that can build an engaged community of fans as fast.

Got a website already?

Everybody hopes for the best. But the most successful plan for it.

When you already have a website it can be tricky to know if it’s doing a good job or not. Did you know that 75% of visitors will judge your credibility based on your website? Find out exactly what is working and what is not. Our website audit and report is easy to understand and comes with a COMPLIMENTARY 20 minute call, where we will walkthrough your audit together. Know what to focus on with clarity and confidence, and safeguard your time, energy and finance.

Website audit
Website audit

Want to run your own online challenge?

We are one of the few companies in the world under the direct mentorship of Pedro Adao through his elite $25K Mastermind & Certified Partner Program. 

Church Challenge FB Group
Church Challenge
Church Challenge

When you partner with us, you not only gain access to The Crush It With Challenges agency, but also have the opportunity to position your own organisation right at the cutting edge of this new industry.

With a significant proportional of the world online at the moment, don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity to reach out and make the impact you have always dreamt of making. It’s time to elevate your web-presence. 

We're in the business of changing lives. You do it through educating and inspiring action. We do it through leveraging technology and digital marketing strategies.

Mits Griffin

About Mits. The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health – and for me, this has been a huge theme in my life. As a faith-filled, SOZO trained, Kingdom citizen, I believe in our complete restoration and healing in all areas of life – physically, emotionally and spiritually. With my experience in education and governance, I love to create spaces and platforms, where others can come together to challenge the status quo and issue change. It’s has been my privilege and joy to have already helped mission driven organisations, like medics, coaches and ministries, to reach out further and create an even greater impact, using technology and digital marketing as powerful, modern-day tools. 

About our team. Based in York UK, we serve a national and international clientele. We have been nationally selected to be one of only 50 digital creatives invited to take part in the Church of England Digital Live Labs and were recognised within our region as finalists for the WMB Business Service Provider Awards 2019. With qualifications in Electronic Engineering (DPhil) and Computer Science (BSc), together with over 30 years coding experience and awards in Enterprise Skills, Digital Promotion for business and Business Innovation, Sustainability and Growth – we love to help others succeed. We are also one of the few companies in the UK that is under the direct mentorship of Pedro Adao – the pioneer of the modern-day digital challenge framework that is taking the digital marketing industry by storm. We believe in our clients… selfless, mission-driven organisations… who humbly transform the world one life at a time. They were made to make a difference by restoring and raising others up and simply put, we were made to help them. 

Our mission is to help coaches and pioneers extend their influence online, so they can create a greater impact offline.

We give Kingdom-orientated experts and organisations, a greater hope and excitement for the future. We do this by creating a space where they can be seen and heard, and where their impact can feel more tangible and real. We do this by harnessing web technology and the challenge marketing framework.

Kirsten2 white

I am absolutely blown away. I have gone from despairing and feeling overwhelmed to a, “WOOHOO, it’s really gonna happen!!” Mits takes out the overwhelm and she explains matters in a way I can understand and creates a pathway for me to work along. 

Kerstin Wandel

Language Coach & Course Creator

Kerstin Antoncich

I can’t even put into words how amazing Mits is. I just knew she would “get it” – she somehow intuitively gets what I’m trying to say and creates a vision that stands out. She is a creative genius and an all-round lovely person and she is absolutely on your team.

Kerstin Antoncich

Psychotherapist & Course Creator

Anne Gledhill-Myhill

Mits Griffin is great to work with. I am not at all technologically minded and found getting my head round a website a challenge. Mits came up with the ideas and delivered very quickly. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a website.

Anne Gledhill-Myhill

Women's Health Expert & Fertility Coach

Olivia Brabbs

I’m thrilled with the work Mits has done for me. She has been so approachable and helpful throughout the process and love that she explains things without jargon. Her eye for design was spot on and she responded to my needs perfectly.

Olivia Brabbs

Commercial Photographer

Sallie and Colin Black

Mits has been a gift to us! She listens and explains things well without alienating or baffling us with techy-speak.

Sallie & Colin Black

Art Coach & Course Creator

Robin Goldsbro

Mits has taken a complex world & broken down the elements into universally accessible parts. She provides the ingredients to create a wonderfully personal recipe for online success.

Robin Goldsbro

Business & Life Coach

Frances Simon Nurture Talent profile photo
Mits Griffin provided a hands on personal service that was exactly what I needed. She was incredible and gave me really practical advice. She certainly has a talent for this which is fabulous.

Frances Simon

Drama Coach & Course Creator

Shaun Sutcliffe

I needed someone who was trustworthy. You’ll not meet a more genuine and honest business woman. So helpful, knowledgeable and full of integrity!

Shaun Sutcliffe

Fitness Coach

Don't let the tech be your biggest hurdle.

Under-utilised and often neglected, don’t make the mistake most coaches and mission-driven organisations make, of ignoring your web presence. Don’t let the tech be your biggest hurdle. Invest in your domain name and email provider and we can sort out the rest. 

Infinitely greater than just a glossy digital magazine.