Because digital marketing isn't just for techies and big businesses.

When you are a creative solo-entrepreneur navigating the technological world can be overwhelming. With the plethora of platforms and ever-evolving technologies out there, anybody can be left feeling confused, drained and disillusioned. But do not fear! We are here. And we can create a clear path before you so you can step into the realm of digital marketing with confidence and clarity and hope. We have formulated three packages specifically to help you get to the next level – no matter how tight your cash flow or how techno-phobic you might feel. Digital marketing isn’t just for techies and big businesses. It’s for you too.

Our partnership packages - created so you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like.

Website Appraisal + Strategic Consultation + Website Design + Build (From £497 | £269 in 2 installments | £147 in 4 installments)

As part of our bespoke build package we will create a unique custom-made website that will faithfully represent you and your business. And because it’s important to build on the right foundations, we offer a strategic consultation where we analyse your business needs and style so you can build on the right platform right from the start.

Our Bespoke Design & Build Package + Hosting + Domain (From £557 | £299 in 2 installments | £159 in 4 installments | Then £5.99/mo in 2nd year+)

We have developed our launch package to include hosting and domain name acquisition, so you won’t ever need to worry about hosting . We are absolutely thrilled to offer PREMIUM hosting features as we work behind the scenes with Site Ground who are consistently rated as one of THE BEST managed WordPress hosting companies in the industry.

Our Website Launch Package + Site Maintenance + Website Development (From £677 | £369 in 2 installments | £199 in 4 installments |  Then £17.99/mo in 2nd year+)

With our all-inclusive Entirety package you can put ALL your website cares and worries into our safe hands. No matter how your business evolves you’ll always have a professional web-designer at your fingertips. Need to re-structure your site as you expand – no problem. Need a little tech help – we’re here! Need staff training –  can do! Hassle free and finance savvy. 

The winning formula of technology + creativity + business strategy.

Hi. I’m Mits Griffin and I love to fuse technology with creativity and business strategy. Despite specializing in WordPress we have experience in numerous platforms. We understand the nuances between Information, E-commerce, and Knowledge-commerce websites and with a DPhil in electronic engineering and a BSc in Computer Science between us, we collectively have over 30 years of programming – and over 10 years of experiential business – expertise. Whether you are just stepping into business or are on a non-profit mission, we can re-present you in the digital realm faithfully and with a passion. After all, the world needs you. And you were made for such a time as this.

We don't have clients. We have business partners because we believe in team.

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