Intuitive Digital Design

Digital marketing for action taking visionaries.

Intuitive Digital Design

Digital marketing for action taking visionaries.

We create websites that will extend your reach & showcase your cause

When you are a mission-inspired entrepreneur, or kingdom-building organisation, there’s nothing more important than sharing your message so you can impact and change lives. And in this digital-age – there’s no better way to do this than with Digital Marketing. We will help you step into a world-wide arena with ethical marketing strategies that are rooted in love and service. 

LIMITED TIME OFFER: We are living in unprecedented times and in times of crisis. Although we specialise in high-end websites, we have developed packages for non-techie coaches or organisations that need to pivot into the digital realm and/or E-commerce fast.

Why mitsgriffin?

Although technology is our forte – we are not in loved with the tech – we are in love with changing the world for the better. We specialise in helping mission-inspired organisations get their message out into the online world without stress or hassle – and we do this by building websites that are designed to promote your story powerfully, using ethical and time-tested marketing strategies and techniques.

At Mits Griffin we believe you shouldn’t have to deal with the confusion of creating a website, the overwhelming complexity of choice, or the risk-taking involved that can lead to costly mistakes. We know that bad experiences can leave you feeling stressed, confused and overwhelmed as you navigate a myriad of choices. And worse, it can leave you feeling scared of making a decision for fear of being cheated out of your investment when you might only have one shot at this. Sleepless nights and decision-making paralysis just aren’t good enough. We believe you should feel exhilarated, hopeful and excited about what’s possible. And we believe in making your venture into digital marketing simple, understandable and fun. Feel confident in the return of your investment and liberated from worry. 

About us. We love to partner with people long-term and because we offer a modular approach, you can gradually build out your digital strategy, step by step. Based in York UK, we specialize in bespoke Word Press websites and serve a national and international clientele. With qualifications in Digital Promotion, Business Innovation, Sustainability and Growth, Content Strategy, Funnels and Social Media Marketing, we also belong to numerous networking groups with other experts within our field. In our second year we were nationally selected to be one of only 50 digital coders, creatives and techies invited to take part in the Church of England Digital Live Labs 2019 and were nominated as a finalist for the WMB Business Service Provider Award 2019.

  • Cloud hosting + domain
  • Professional content creation
  • Mobile-friendly WordPress
  • GDPR compliance + legals
  • Website maintenance
  • Website protection & security
  • Strategic consultation
  • Problem solving

We have proven strategies that will help you to grow.

  • Find focus
  • Spread your message
  • Showcase expertise
  • Digitise your knowledge
  • Build trust & connect
  • Encourage Action
  • Connect Socially
  • Sell high tickets
  • Step into E-commerce
  • Automate & integrate
  • Analyse impact
  • Get found

If you have a big heart and love the thought of creating impact. If you are exited to pioneer new ideas and lead the way. If you sacrifice yourself for others and want to inspire others into action. Then you are in the right place.

For Leaders & Coaches

Strengthen your position as an authoritative voice by showcasing your expertise and authority, and actively building trust. Create a brand that can fuel a movement and leave a legacy.

For Non-Profits & Charities

Reach further to those in need and bring in resources by showcasing your mission and encouraging collaboration. Cut through the noise and inspire others to join your cause.

For Churches & Ministries

Create deep connections and release others to be powerful agents who release the Kingdom in every sphere of life. See promise fulfilled and the transformation of a world in need.

We love inspired creativity + technological expertise