Helping creative & non-techie companies fulfil their mission with stress-free digital marketing

We are passionate about helping businesses and organisations that are serious in their mission. Our service has been developed so you won’t need to think about any missing pieces, deal with techno-hassle or face the unexpected unprepared. Specialising in WordPress consultancy and bespoke, design-led WordPress websites for creatives and non-techies, we believe in website marketing that is business-orientated, results-driven but clear and simple to navigate through. Oh, and fun in the process too!

We can take care of everything.

We know that sorting out hosting can be confusing, managing your domain-name a pain, and making certain your website is GDPR and legally compliant a stressful headache. Throw in email integration, setting up website analytics and the relentless evolution and update of  website technology – it can be enough to drive many techno-minded people crazy let alone those who are experts elsewhere! And that’s why we can take care of everything. You don’t need to battle overwhelm, confusion, procrastination or indecision but can be released to focus and get on with the work only you can do. 

  • All the background technology sorted
  • Hosting acquired and maintained
  • Domain name registered (or transferred)
  • Free Word Press installation and set-up
  • Business consultations and discovery workshops
  • Bespoke website design and build
  • Inclusion of legal templates
  • On-page SEO
  • Google integration
  • On-going fixes and updates
  • Monthly edits and amendments
  • Website development
  • Options for content creation, logo design & product photography
  • Really nice people to work with​
Absurd Design

The biggest mistake many make.

We find that the biggest mistake most people make, is not thinking far ahead into the future enough. Because of this we offer our expertise upfront so you can build on the right foundations right from the start. Working with us always involves a strategic consultation or a discovery session that is independent from our main project work for you. The important thing is that you have a thorough grounding in your business requirements so you can make an informed choice for the future that will save you time, energy and finances in the long run. We are not just website designers – we are business consultants – and we continue to invest thousands in the development of our expertise so you can avoid the mistakes everybody else who is “less in the know” makes.

What's the process?

We can sort your website worries in just 5 simple steps.

Speech Bubble


Our consultation process begins with connection, where we will organise a strategic consultation or discovery meeting where we can explore and uncover your brief.


Next we'll structure your information into a sitemap & prototype functionality. We'll map out what your users will want & what you will need them to do.

Website design


Then we'll action your website build. With market research to insure you have a competitive edge, we'll turn your prototype into a beautiful and fully working website.

Paper with checklist


Once built we will put your new website through our intensive checklist. And when complete we can hit the go button & your shiny new website will be live!

Hand holding a heart


And because technology evolves and businesses grow, we can be there to fix any breaks and edit any updates with our monthly support plans.


Mits Griffin Profile photo

DPhil (Electronic Engineering), MEng (Hons) , NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Developing Enterprise Skills, NCFE Level 2 Award in Digital Promotion for Business. Studied social media marketing and business marketing strategies under Sandi Krakowski (A Real Change) and High Performance strategies under Todd Herman (90 Day Year).

The church of England

We were selected to be one of the 50 national coders, creatives and techies invited contribute to the Church of England Digital Labs Live initiative for March 2019!

We work on a value-based system

Because we are passionate about not comprising on the quality, ethics or flexibility of our work.

If you are a start-up or non-profit let us know because we have a passion to help you too! 



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