Intuitively crafted digital marketing for businesses that love to teach

Our mission is to help Educators, Course-creators, Consultants, Experts & Trainers transition online & digitise their knowledge, so they can create a greater impact offline.

We help mission-driven experts and organisations feel excited for the future, and dream big once again. Hard work, long hours and the never-ending treadmill can take a toll. Throw in the complexity and plethora of tech options, it can be easy to feel stuck or in the never-ending battle of just keeping afloat. After all, there’s more to life than work. We help businesses renew their strength and vision, and reclaim their time and energy, and we do this best by leveraging our own expertise in digital marketing, web technology and the online challenge marketing framework, so that a business can transform from the inside out no matter how non-techie it is.

Kirsten2 white

I am absolutely blown away. I have gone from despairing and feeling overwhelmed to a, “WOOHOO, it’s really gonna happen!!” Mits takes out the overwhelm and she explains matters in a way I can understand and creates a pathway for me to work along. 

Kerstin Wandel

Language Coach & Course Creator

Kerstin Antoncich

I can’t even put into words how amazing Mits is. I just knew she would “get it” – she somehow intuitively gets what I’m trying to say and creates a vision that stands out. She is a creative genius and an all-round lovely person and she is absolutely on your team.

Kerstin Antoncich

Psychotherapist & Course Creator

Anne Gledhill-Myhill

Mits Griffin is great to work with. I am not at all technologically minded and found getting my head round a website a challenge. Mits came up with the ideas and delivered very quickly. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a website.

Anne Gledhill-Myhill

Women's Health Expert & Fertility Coach

Olivia Brabbs

I’m thrilled with the work Mits has done for me. She has been so approachable and helpful throughout the process and love that she explains things without jargon. Her eye for design was spot on and she responded to my needs perfectly.

Olivia Brabbs

Commercial Photographer

Sallie and Colin Black

Mits has been a gift to us! She listens and explains things well without alienating or baffling us with techy-speak.

Sallie & Colin Black

Art Coach & Course Creator

Robin Goldsbro

Mits has taken a complex world & broken down the elements into universally accessible parts. She provides the ingredients to create a wonderfully personal recipe for online success.

Robin Goldsbro

Business & Life Coach

Frances Simon Nurture Talent profile photo
Mits Griffin provided a hands on personal service that was exactly what I needed. She was incredible and gave me really practical advice. She certainly has a talent for this which is fabulous.

Frances Simon

Drama Coach & Course Creator

Shaun Sutcliffe

I needed someone who was trustworthy. You’ll not meet a more genuine and honest business woman. So helpful, knowledgeable and full of integrity!

Shaun Sutcliffe

Fitness Coach

Perfect for businesses that would like to experience accelerated growth & renewal.

YWMB Finalist

In these unprecedented times, it’s imperative that you go digital. With the ability to influence how strangers on a global platform perceive your work and credentials, your online presence forms the greatest modern-day gateway where others can experience your business first-hand. But not all marketing strategies are created equal… No lies, no cover-ups, no false promises. Say goodbye to confusion, overwhelm and tech-overload – and say hello to standing out from the crowd that is powerful and ethical. No techie talk, no manipulation, no profit over people. Just stunningly crafted digital marketing packages tailored to you. Where would you like to start?

I want to win clients 24-7

Leverage the power of marketing funnels to confidently build trust 24-7 and persuasively inspire action. Why not win more clients in your sleep?

I want to showcase my expertise

Present yourself more boldly. Your website has the power to position you above the competition, showcase your  authority and help you build credibility fast.

I want exponential growth

Connect with others more deeply and powerfully and step into the No.1 Digital Marketing Strategy that is taking the business world by storm.

A 12-month boot camp for businesses that would like to digitise their courses and re-imagine their business model

One signature program. 9 effective systems working in synergy.

Infinitely more than a tech bundle. We offer a strategic investment infused with the most effective digital marketing frameworks of our day. Consolidate your brand and portfolio your expertise and passion with an advanced website that functions as a powerful marketing and communications tool AND Connect with others more deeply and powerfully and step into the No.1 Digital Marketing Strategy that is taking the business world by storm.


Position like an Expert

Three Positioning Systems In One

Visibility Formula
High Ticket Authority Builder
Passive Income Expander

Connect like an Influencer

Three Connecting Systems In One

Perfect Client Magnet
Efficiency Architect
Impact Accelerator

Build like a Pioneer

Three Building Systems In One

Transformation Kickstarter
Rock Fuel Generator
£Million Business Roadmap

Expert-Influencer-Pioneer Program

Elite Digital Marketing Package
£ 1,500/mo x 6 Instalments
  • Three deep-dive consultation sessions on business strategy, digital marketing & the CIWC challenge framework
  • Signature EIP Signature Program including the build of an Advanced, expert positioning website.
  • Two additional 60min accountability & coaching sessions

Perfect for fledgling businesses that would like a comprehensive start-up digital marketing package.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” Sun Tzu

If you are new to business, there’s no need to go it alone. Leverage our expertise and experience and avoid the mistakes most new businesses make. To be successful you just need to understand the game… and there’s no easier way to uncover its rules than to have somebody share them with you. The honest truth about what works and what doesn’t, so you can build fast without the emotional rollercoaster most entrepreneurs battle.

6 Week Fledgling Launch Package


Business Discovery

Single session discovery, where we’ll explore all the components required in a successful business, uncover your business' potential and map out a 6 month plan of action


Launch Website

A sophisticated single scrolling website built within a single day to get you on the field of play as a credible player fast

Challenge Consultancy

Single session challenge consultancy where we will vision cast and explore how you can leverage the most effective digital marketing strategy of our day to build your business without fear, confusion or overhwlem.

Communicate Powerfully

Accountability & Coaching

Two 60min accountability and coaching sessions to provide support and encouragement in the process and to ensure momentum and action no matter what life throws at you.

Fledgling Launch Package

Consultation & Web Package
£ 3,750 Or £1250 x 3 Instalments
  • Two deep-dive consultation sessions covering everything you need to launch a successful business
  • Sophisticated single scrolling website built within a single day to get you on the field of play fast
  • Two additional 60min accountability & coaching sessions

Unpack the complex landscape of digital marketing and its industry, to find THE BEST strategy & approach FOR YOU. No techie-talk, no half-truths. Just business made simple.

Digital Marketing Made Simple Challenge

We're in the business of changing lives. You do it through expert insight, specialist knowledge, and inspired action. We do it through leveraging technology and digital marketing strategies.

Mits Griffin

About Mits. I love education. And I love to create spaces where others can come together to challenge the status quo and instigate change. It’s has been my privilege and joy to have already helped many successful businesses, to reach out further and create an even greater impact, no matter how non-techie they might feel. I believe in my clients… selfless, mission-driven individuals & organisations… who humbly transform the world one life at a time. They were made to make a difference by empowering others and simply put, I was made to help them. 

About our team. Based in York UK, we serve a national and international clientele. We have been nationally selected to be one of only 50 digital creatives invited to take part in the Church of England Digital Live Labs and were recognised within our region as finalists for the WMB Business Service Provider Awards 2019. With qualifications in Electronic Engineering (DPhil) and Computer Science (BSc), together with over 30 years coding experience and awards in Enterprise Skills, Digital Promotion for business and Business Innovation, Sustainability and Growth – we love to help others succeed.

We are also one of the few companies world-wide that is under the direct mentorship of Pedro Adao – the pioneer of the modern-day digital challenge framework that is taking the digital marketing industry by storm. 

Don't let the tech be your biggest hurdle.

Under-utilised and often neglected, don’t make the mistake most  make, of ignoring your online presence. Don’t let the tech be your biggest hurdle. Invest in your domain name and email provider and we can help you to sort out the rest. 

Infinitely greater than what you thought was possible.

Digital Marketing Made Simple Challenge


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