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In this digital age it can be hard to cut through the noise and reach the people who need you most – and we have loved helping a huge selection of businesses do that. We believe that there are many opportunities and tools that can help you reach out in a powerful and authentic way.  It might feel virtual, but the world’s need for you in this space has never been so real. Have a peek below at the work we’ve been privileged to do. We’ve had the chance to work with many outstanding entrepreneurs and organisations, nationally and internationally, and we have built a diverse selection of sites from authority-business sites and first websites, to expansive information sites with complex data architecture, to e-commerce and knowledge-commerce.

KNOWLEDGE COMMERCE | Language Specialist & Coach

Meet Kerstin Wandel Kommunikations – a Berlin based company specialising in the teaching of English language and culture to German-based businesses. With marketing funnel strategy and Knowledge Commerce capabilities, KW transition from the arduous and time consuming work of in person workshops to the power of automated E-learning.

I am absolutely blown away by how Mits has turned my ideas into something tangible and concrete (not to mention beautiful). I have gone from despairing and feeling constantly overwhelmed to a, "WOOHOO, it's really gonna happen!!" She explains matters in a way I can understand and creates a pathway for me to work along. I am a fan! Mits knows her stuff and is the person you want by your side when venturing out into business.
Kerstin Wandel
Kerstin Wandel Kommunikations

AUTHORITY | Drama Agency & Coach

Frances needed a highly informative new website that could compete with the London-based agencies. We also designed for her a single landing page allowing clients to get in touch and book onto her Summer 2019 Workshop. Within 7 days the course was SOLD OUT generating a R.O.I of 48.6%!

Mits Griffin provided a hands on personal service that was exactly what I needed at the right time. She was incredibly flexible and worked around my time constraints and gave me really practical advice concerning my website. She certainly has a talent for this which is fabulous.
Frances Simon Nurture Talent profile photo
Frances Simon | Nurture Talent
Drama Coach and Agency

E-COMMERCE | Art Tutor & Coach

Meet Seek Art School, a newly launched school in York. Seek Art needed a highly customised and bespoke E-commerce website so that their students could book courses online while presenting a portfolio of all their courses, classes, workshops and expertise in one place. Being creative directors, Seek had an extremely specific design brief and we had great fun as they contributed to every aspect of their site.

Mitsgriffin has been a gift to us - I doubt if we could find the same personal level of service anywhere else at any price! She’s very quick to respond to and fix issues that arise (we’re on her support plan) and she listens and explains things well without alienating or baffling us with techy-speak. She really understands the importance and impact of a well put together website and is so supportive of our work. Not to mention all the positive comments we’ve been getting from our clients when they go online to find out more – here’s a message we got recently that made us smile: “What a fab website, I’m not in least bit artistic but it made me want to come along!
Sallie and Colin Black
Sallie & Colin Black
Seek Art School

EXPERT | Neuro-Developmental Specialist

Meet the team at DAISY Psychology Services – who specialise in providing assessments to children and young people for Autistic Spectrum Conditions.  Awarded “Outstanding Clinical Initiative of the Year 2019″ for their work in redesigning an autism assessment pathway to improve services for young people and their families. DAISY needed an engaging and highly informative website that showcased their expertise without feeling clinical or distant. In particular they wanted to convey a sense of life and colour just like the individuals they work with.

EXPERT | LED Light Therapy Specialist

Meet Shaun Sutcliffe – a LED Light Therapy and Deep Tissue and Sports Massage specialist. After the success of launching his business last year, Shaun expanded into the highly progressive and novel field of Light Therapy. Pioneering this technology in the UK, Shaun needed a website re-design to faithfully represent his expertise and promote him as one of the leading LED Light therapists within the UK.

I needed someone who was trustworthy who would not pull the wool over my eyes. There’s plenty of people out there who are making promises but just can’t carry it through. Mits is absolutely NOT in that category. You’ll not meet a more genuine and honest business woman. So helpful, knowledgeable and full of integrity! I have absolutely no issue in recommending Mits to anyone.
Shaun Sutcliffe
Shaun Sutcliffe

EXPERT | Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Meet Kirsten, a psychotherapist and counsellor, who needed a start-up website that could direct visitors to take action and qualify leads before a call. With PDF downloads, portfolio articles and strategic landing and application pages that harnessed multiple-step sign-up forms, we created a site to place Kirsten as serious contender within her marketplace. Goodbye dear unfinished D.I.Y. Wix website – and hello WordPress.

I cant even put into words how amazing Mits is. I just knew she would "get it" - she somehow intuitively gets what I'm trying to say and creates a vision and a brand that stands out. Not only is she a creative genius and an all-round lovely person but she has tirelessly tweaked things, let me think about how I want something to appear, let me alter wording, change buttons, play about with how it looks. She is absolutely on your team. She is absolutely who you need to create your vision.
Kerstin Antoncich
Kerstin Antoncich
Connected Psychotherapy

EXPERT | Fertility, Pregnancy & Women’s Health Specialist

Meet Anne Gledhill-Myhill – a professional and fully qualified acupuncturist, fertility and pregnancy coach, hypnobirth instructor and private midwife. Anne needed a bespoke business website to showcase her extensive expertise but in a fresh, clear and simple way. With an extremely hectic timetable, Anne needed a designer who could run with just a few pointers and develop a site with minimal input from her.

Mits Griffin is great to work with. I am not at all technologically minded and found getting my head round a website a challenge. Mits came up with the ideas and delivered very quickly. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a website.
Anne Gledhill-Myhill
Anne Gledhill-Myhill
Independent Midwife and Acupuncturist and Fertility Expert

MISSION DRIVEN | Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Meet Marygate Preschool – an OFSTED outstanding preschool and a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Marygate needed a bespoke professional website that would showcase the charities expertise and ethos while highlighting the duality of being child-orientated but parent-supportive. Struggling to market and fill places within a year of their website launch they have reached 95% capacity.

We looked into developing a website but found ourselves completely overwhelmed. Mits came by recommendation and we have been very surprised with how quickly she was able to take our ideas and create our site. Mits you are amazing at understanding what we wanted without us being able to describe it. Feedback from families and professionals has been very positive and it has generated numerous enquiries which has in turn increase our occupancy! We are more than happy!
Marygate Preschool York


Meet Restore, a York based charity, on the mission to stamp out homelessness and the social injustice it creates. With the heart to create greater impact, Restore, needed a new website built on the latest technology that aligned with their mission and the needs of those who would use it. The new website needed to assist supporters, collaborative organisations and tenants to hear success stories and see impact, to easily access the information and support this work and to get in contact appropriately. We built a brand new website from the ground up with a custom design to  portfolio success stories, campaigns and team members. The new website also enables visitors to download referral forms and make online donations securely with credit card and Gift Aid with the option to even automate their giving.

We used Mits to redesign our charity website and we are absolutely thrilled with the end result! I'm a complete novice when it comes to designing and building websites, but Mits was professional and approachable throughout and she guided us through the whole process really well. The regular communication as we tweaked the design was really useful and the final product is something we're really happy with. We'd have no hesitation in recommending her to other people.
Ed Hambleton
Ed Hambleton
Restore York

MISSION DRIVEN | Charitable Foundation

Meet The Three Bears Foundation. A start-up charity with the mission to overcome and stop Pancreatic Cancer. With the functionality to take online donations the Three Bears website maximises it’s ability to bring in fund through E-commerce and its own merchandising products.

EXPERT | Artist

Meet Katie-Eleanor Art, a young brand that launched July 2020. With the ability to showcase work and generate finances through E-commerce, Katie-Eleanor, has a modern and sophisticated first website that allows her to serve a world-wide audience 24-7. She may feel young and inexperienced, but in the online world, her expertise and skill speak for themselves.

THIS IS AMAZING!! WOW!!!! WOW!! WOW! Honestly I am so thankful, I LOVE IT!!! I am so happy, literally a dream. Thank you for making it come true.
Katie Eleanor
Katie Eleanor
Katie-Eleanor Art

EXPERT | Sound Engineer

Meet David Rose Sound, a long-established and specialist sound recording company. David needed a new website to fully express his expertise, professionalism and drive for excellence. With motion elements and a design to represent David’s brand and flare, this website was made to stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise. Goodbye to DIY endeavours and clients who didn’t align with a deep sense of quality – and hello to a world of passionate artisans who love excellence.

EXPERT | Commercial Branding Photography

Meet Olivia Brabbs – a photographer specialising in commercial and personal branding photography. Olivia needed a bespoke photo-intensive blogging website. Her previous blogging site was outdated and did not reflect her expertise and creativity, and although she had a main photography website independently held and built elsewhere, she required a stand-a-lone blogging platform that could captivate and engage her growing audience.

EXPERT | PR, Brand Building & Fundraising

Meet Caitlin Hazell – a freelance specialist in PR, branding, fundraising and corporate relations. Caitlin needed a first business website to showcase her growing portfolio and promote her strategic alliances. Her brief was a simple understated design without any compromise on her expression of style or site functionality.

Caitlin Hazel Website Screenshot
Caitlin Hazel Website Screenshot
Caitlin Hazel Website Screenshot
Caitlin Hazel Website Screenshot
Mits interpreted my brief and understood what I wanted to achieve, better than I could have anticipated and was on hand to offer advice on copy, design and functionality. It was such a pleasure to work with Mits. Thank you Mits for interpreting my brief and ideas perfectly, I can't recommend you enough!
Caitlin Hazell
Caitlin Hazell

EXPERT | Art Direction & Graphic Design

Meet Annina Diston (Creative Director + Graphic Designer extraordinaire). Annina had previously invested in a business website which needed re-branding and re-designing and re-building on more future proof technology. In particular, her new website needed a bespoke portfolio design with unlimited flexibility. The great thing is that Annina was able to design her entire website and we created custom designs for every page. Super talented, unusual and unique.

Mits has helped me sorting out lots of back-end bits of my website. It's an absolute pleasure working with her! Mits is very knowledgeable, organised and super friendly.
Annina Diston
Annina Diston
AnninaDiston Website Screenshot
AnninaDiston Website Screenshot
AnninaDiston Website Screenshot