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How to use the Gutenberg editor in 5 steps

The Gutenberg Editor When the WordPress platform updates to version 5.0 in the undetermined but not too distant future – the current WordPress TinyMCE editor will be completed replaced. Instead, every updated WordPress site will default to the Gutenberg editor and in this “How to” blog post, we will take you through using the Gutenberg […]


Don’t make the mistake of ignoring Gutenberg

Guten-what? Creeping up on every user when the WordPress platform updates to version 5.0 on the 27th of November – is the release of Gutenberg. Gutenberg is a content editor that will completely replace the current WordPress TinyMCE editing framework. And because it is tagged onto the WordPress update itself, it will affect every […]

How to supercharge your website

How to supercharge your website (15 WordPress plugin ideas) Supercharging your website is all about extending and maximizing its functionality. And although some website building platforms will endeavour to give you everything you might need upfront, others don’t even try to. But either way, a little knowledge can help you to power-up your site whatever […]

The secret behind SEO title text

The secret behind SEO

Search Engine Optimisation When you have a ministry or business website, you have a huge advantage over others that don’t because the core function of any site is to be seen. You might not realize it but once made live and linked to, every website page is automatically saved into an enormous database called the […]

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Do you really NEED a website?

In this day and age, websites are everywhere. But do we still NEED them? Almost every business has one, together with a plethora of individuals. And the reasons of why do we need a website extend from “because it’s fun” to “because it’s absolutely crucial to what we do”.  But technologies change. PCs have moved […]

Is your website legal title with a girl pondering

Is your website legal?

Although we know that business and e-commerce are bound by the law, did you know that all UK websites are bound by UK and EU law too? Even if your website does not technically tread the ground of e-commerce – it still has legal requirements to fulfill. Failure to comply can result in both civil […]

Fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139:14

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Some things about us change. Our abilities and preferences can transition and shift according to our circumstances and conditioning. And yet according to Kolbe our conation and our instinctive ability to do, does not. It can be warped by our expectations. It can be hidden by the things we feel we must do. And we […]

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You don’t need to be Einstein

In my previous post The key to mastering every problem I mentioned a brilliant test called the Kolbe test as a way of discovering our problem-solving key. Out of the multitude of tests out there the Kolbe test is certainly the one that I rave about the most. It exclusively focuses on our intrinsic ability to […]

Golden key

The key to mastering every problem

Problems. Life does seem to generate rather a lot of them. And without exception we are all called to overcome and to problem solve. And so long as we aren’t paralyzed and overwhelmed by fear – we do. But to effectively and powerfully problem solve? Could there be a key to that? I think that […]

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When we forget who we are

Sometimes I get lost. And in the worst sense. We can end up doing a multitude of different jobs and fill a myriad of roles – and despite all of our doing, in our standing still and just being – we can forget who we are. Even worse, there are actually times in our lives […]