Fast track progress Bringing breadth & depth together

Intrapreneurial Support

Condensing what would take years into a matter of months and hours.

With another entrepreneur working inside your business as if it were their own, you will have a peer-to-peer business-leader, who will not only think more like you, but has the ability to implement ideas and processes in a way many can’t. 

Do what others consider impossible by turning vision into tangible reality, without the expense of a big team to manage and decades to waste. Together let’s leapfrog the ordinary, skip the trial and error, and catapult your venture into the future.

If you have ever dreamt about taking time out without things falling apart without you, or wished you could clone yourself so you could distribute your workload and weight of all you do, then dream no more. 

With another business leader by your side, able to take the helm and execute and implement with excellence and speed like you do, let’s do what nobody else can.

If Entrepreneurs have the ability to throw themselves off the cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down (Reid Hoffman), then imagine what two Entrepreneurs working in synergy can do!

For Business leaders dreaming of ready-to-implement solutions done in a day

VIP Transformation Day

Single one-off VIP Transformation Day, where we deep-dive into your unique business specifics, 1-2-1. With a fusion of consultancy and implementation, this fast track day Includes up to 5 hours of creative work.

Unlock your business potential like never before with our unique VIP Transformation Day. Skip the delays often associated with typical project cycles and tap into what’s truly possible with concentrated effort that is hyper focused and tailored to your needs. This is the perfect opportunity to supercharge your development timeline and inject a burst of creative energy into your endevours, with a ready-to-implement solution designed or built in a day. From live launch concept and design, to the design of digital resources and assets, to tech implementation or web design and build, it might be Mission Impossible to everybody else, but for us it’s just another days work.

Ready to complete a needle moving initiative in a matter of hours? That’s the mission should you choose to accept it.

For Seasoned Business Leaders who don't have time to waste

1-2-1 Tailored Monthly Intrapreneurial Package

A tailored Intrapreneurial Package where you can benefit from my full suit of offerings, crafted in a manner that supports you and your team uniquely and deeply.

A co-crafted program that is designed to drive results and fast-track success. Move fuidly between a ‘done-for-you’ service where I can take the helm to kick-start a brand new initiative, with a ‘done-with-you’ flair that will empower team. When speed to market matters and the completion of significant, multidisciplinary projects are vital for gaining traction – you need a team member that’s not bound by an employee mindset and can seamlessly transition between C-level and grass-roots ways of working. With an uniquely unicorn skillset that transverses marketing and ops, strategy and execution, this program is designed for Leaders who want another entrepreneur to carry the load with them.

Please note this program is for seasoned Experts, Consultants, Specialists, Mentors & Coaches, who are leading a small team of 1-6 and have exceeded $100K in revenue.

All-in-one Strategist, Process Accelerator & Implementation Expert

When you need another entrepreneur to carry the load with you

There were three core areas where Mits was instrumental. Number one was strategically – which was GIGANTIC. I was able to bounce ideas off of her, and she understood it. Her knowledge and experience really played in BIG! Number two is speed to market – and this is extremely fast with Mits. This really helped me with the team as I had been trying to get the team to this place for literally a year to two years – and Mits helped me get there in a matter of weeks! Secondly, this ability also helped me to get my eyes off certain processes so I could work elsewhere – and that was significant! The third area really comes down to your gifting, which is the ability to move process forward quickly. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t where we’d be

Donald Dy

Donald J. Dy


Working with Mits has been a breath of fresh air. I absolutely adore that priviledge. She brings so much to the table while working at the strategic level. As a PM (Project Manager), I’ve found the benefits of working with an Intrapreneur as it expediates the project management process. From my perspective, her intrapreneurial viewpoint helps me to fully understand our Founder’s vision allowing me to focus on the translation from big picture to details required for the team. There is such an art to the way she’s able to simplify complex things. I love the way she is able to immediately translate ideas that are still being formulated into a simple visual concept. Like a true master crafts man. This is so delightful & elegant to behold. The best part is the practicality of these concepts that have worked time & time again. This is not only because of her talents, skillsets & experience but that she has an inner desire to see everyone win. That is a gift that can only move us forward. I believe every organisation needs a’ Mits’ to help propel them through to success,


Adeola Matiluko

Project Manager, P727

Working with Mits has been an eye opening, jaw dropping experience! I had been told she was a nice person who had a breadth of knowledge, but could not have understood (& probably still don’t) all that she carries. She has been able to take difficult to understand ideas and produce documents, graphics and diagrams that have made the difference for me in understanding what was being communicated from the top of our organization. She has a depth of insight into people as well. By listening with her mind as well as her heart, she provides insight, feedback and encouragement to our team and to those we serve. Although she is a fairly recent addition to our team… I know she will help us reach our goals and am hopeful that we can propel her forward into all the good things that await for her as well.


Sherri Stauffer

Personal Assistant, P727 (2023)

Don't let "time" be your biggest hurdle

Leverage my past to catapult your future

I’ve always been interested creativity and in a multidisciplinary approach to life. Having created my own brand I first worked as a web-designer. Then I became an expert in live-launches and challenge event marketing, later repositioning my company as an independent digital marketing agency with a small team of associates. I now find my greatest impact is in accelerating emerging ventures and working as part of a small leadership team, where I can help expediate processes so that work that would have taken years, now only takes months. 

Live Launch & Challenge Expert

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